7 September 2007   2nd DAF Biennale



Centraal Museum, Utrecht




What is the role of design/designers with respect to the problems and issues that we face in the world today. This may relate to issues surrounding ecology, globalisation, consumerism, the gap between the Western world and the developing world etc, or other social or political standpoints.


In view of these kinds of issues that are currently being addressed in the design field, as well as in the world at large, the participants are asked: How would you define your role as a designer? Do you see design as being able to play a role in solving important (environmental, social, political) problems in the world? Does a designer have to deal both with an artistic and a social responsibility, and how would you define that responsibility? In what way does your own work meet with these demands?


Target group:


Professionals and students from the design field (graphic, fashion, product, urban, interior), theoreticians, philosophers, scientists and people interested in the themes that are being addressed.  Students of the HKU, Design Academy Eindhoven and Willem de Kooningacademie in Rotterdam (Piet Zwart Institute), Sandberg Institute and others.


Schedule of the day:


The morning program will be moderated by: Annette W. Balkema. The afternoon program and subsequent panel discussion will be moderated by: Henk Oosterling


10.15               Henk Slager, Emily Pethick: Introductions

10.30-11.15     Will Holder (graphic design)

11.15-12.00     Hella Jongerius (product design)

12.00-12.45     Petra Blaisse (interior design)


12.45-13.30     Lunchtime


13.30-14.15     Guus Beumer (architecture, fashion and product design/ theory)

14.15-15.00     Roemer van Toorn (architecture/ theory)

15.00-15.45     Fiona Raby (interaction design)

16.00-17.30     Panel Discussion


17.30               Drinks


Tickets: 10 euro.

Reservations: info@mahku.nl



The Politics of Design: An International Symposium organized by DAF (Dutch Aesthetics Federation) in collaboration with Casco, Centraal Museum and MaHKU as part of DARE  # 2 (Dutch Artistic Research Event) and as a satellite of Utrecht Manifest